The Dreaming Princess

HC: Krydstogts luftskib.


Top of the line
Fancy as she goes
If you look beneath the paintwork…


  • Maids & servants: young moderately attractive women all dressed in modest white robes or tunics.
  • Crewmen: healthy, capable and bright young men in grey tunics or robes.
  • Officers: Older, somewhat reserved, men in discreet, stuffy-looking uniforms. Graying facial hair seems to be part of the uniform.
  • Normal passengers
    • Lots of pretty people.
    • Bunch of grandparents and their relatives.
  • Celebrity passengers:
    • Princess Fatora of Floristica
    • plenty of rich people from Skyveil City
    • Several nobles from Anatoray
    • Some high elven fancy folk.
    • A Lord High Navigator and his retinue.
    • A Dark Elf noble of the Great House Mel’Urden and his lickspittles
    • Sir Rowley Birkin, retired Paladin Inquisitor of Justice

Areas of interest on the ship:

  • the forward bar and restaurant (reservation required, dress code): the best view and the best company
  • the outdoors pool: crawling with kids and parents
  • the port-side bar: where folks actually relax
  • the Reading Room quiet place for the gentlemen
  • Aft Beer Hall: a good time for all
  • The Ballroom: intrigue for intrigues’ sake

The Dreaming Princess is painted white, and made mostly of wood. Inspected close up it gives the impression of being extremely sturdy, but its construction is actually quite light.
Propulsion is achieved with a massive array of sails, arranged in an X-wing pattern to the front. Heading and bearing is controlled using huge slow-moving fans at the back. Lift is generated through three redundant gas-envelopes in the interior of the ship – at all times two of the envelopes is sufficient to keep the ship operating normally, but it can easily make a safe landing with only one of them. The gas is a mixture of Cloudia and other gasses.

The Dreaming Princess

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