Strange Seas - Stranger Lands

Bugs And Sand

Caught in a sandy tomb

After befriending the “tribe” of people on the edge of the dead zone , a quest presented itself for our heroes. They where to travel to “the belly of the beast” a sandy cave to ‘by any means’ diplomatic or otherwise convince the inhabitants of the desert to come to an agreement on this matter of who should rightfully own the right to mine materials or live in the mine.

The heroes took a left turn on the negotiations and abandoned the quest and instead bargained for their own lives and freedom securing a way out of the desert den.. and back into the light.

After some shady dealings with the queen the heroes now have ample opportunity to travel again being re-fuel by the strange cloudia potent crystals from the deeps. The heroes now set a new course for new adventures.


Og så var der nogen som gik ud for at lede efter skydevåben ombord på skibet…

Bugs And Sand

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