Strange Seas - Stranger Lands

Dwain Rescue mission Part 2

a Warehouse slaughter

Warehouse slaughter

Last time we saw our heroes, they had finished clearing all the traps in the mansion and found a hit order on Dwain and a prototype compass that Dwain invented.

It was early in the morning and Oz, Corrion wanted to go look for Dwain down at the train station since they found his part of the workshop in disarray. And it looked like a crime had happend, but as they looked outside the building they saw a couple of street guards. But they still took the front door anyway. Meanwhile Magenta had flown up in the sky to spot where they had gone to. (but only told Oz and Corrion) Meanwhile Gilbert had made a disguise to Oskar and created The Pillow man.

Corrion followed Oz through the front door who had just been recognized by one of the guards. Shortly after the guard had alarmed the other guards in the area and they where coming closer, Oz and Corrion tried to make their escape, meanwhile PILLOWMAN (Oscar) and Gilbert took advantage of the commotion that Oz and Corrion had started and walked the other way to look for some food.

After Oz and Corrion escaped the guards, with the help of Magenta’s fiery personality they where then on their way to where they though Dwain were being held, but stopped someplace to get some food while magenta were off scavenging the city for any type of food (dumpster diving, and fighting ally cats ((and eating them)) ) .

After Oskar and Gilbert had eaten some breakfast they went back to the workshop and were greeted by a girl who introduced herself as MoregenMoregen.

Moregen had a conversation with Gilbert, until Oskar began to intimidate her and she quickly retreated. Oskar and Gilbert then when down to the address that were written on the hit order.

Oz, Corrion and Magenta had arrived at the warehouse that Dwain where supposed to be held capture. Oz used his magic to locate Dwain in the warehouse, and told Magenta, and Corrion where he was held. Magenta wasted no time punching a hole in the wall to gain access, once inside Magenta went for Dwain in one of the office rooms, mean-while Oz and Corrion overheard some of the people talk about how the cargo had been handed and where the rest of the order were. One of the 2 main people that were talking was a woman with a glove with a skull on it. There was also a snake woman hiding under a cloak. Not long after Gilbert and Oskar arrived at the warehouse front door, they started disposing of the band of criminals. The woman with the skull cloves escaped and the snake woman headed over to a giant war-bot and activated it.

In the middle of the fight between Oz and the snake woman, Moregen appeared and ripped the snake woman’s heart out instantly killing her, and then aimed to take Oz’s soul lantern. But Oz managed to avoid her and make his escape to here Oskar was. After Oz had fled the battle, Moregen disappeared failing to steal the lantern from Oz. Meanwhile Corrion and Gilbert where fighting the war-bot and had damaged its ability to move, Magenta had rescued Dwain and taken him to a safe place, she then flew up in the sky and hauled down towards the war-bot and manage to take it out with a mighty strike.

Until next time.



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