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Drama at the Theatre

Twillight for The King of Trolls

Revived after capture the Satyxis Lixa revealed that she knew where a supply of Cloudia might be acquired: at the very theatrical premiere that they intended to attend “The King of Trolls”. Sadly no-one questioned her as to how the precious substance might be found in so unlikely and improbably convenient a place.

However after much enjoying the first act of the spectacular Operatto, the Hero of Time spotted across the theatre, in another luxury box seat, the master swordsman who had bested him in a recent tournament. Added to that, he recalled that the Prize at that tournament had been a large vial of glowing purplish-pink liquid: Cloudia!!
Alerted to this fact, MacLaw & Dwain approached the drunken swordsmaster during the first intermission, persuading him that the glow of the liquid was disturbing the performers and promising to keep the Trinket in a place where it would cause no trouble for the remainder of the play.

The triumphant conclusion of the final act was however marred by the sudden arrival of armed soldiers, and a Kovnik by the name Ivon Chekovic, who declared the play sedition and an insult to the Empire and Grand Empress Ayn Vanar herself especially. He demanded that all attendees as well as performers must be questioned and identified before they were allowed to leave (if indeed they were not arrested). Oskar was of course heart-broken as the play had left him deeply impressed and moved, despite not understanding a word spoken or sung throughout, and the prospect of not being allowed to meet his new idol The King of Trolls (even if it was only his actor and singer there) was simply unbearable.

Our heroes narrowly managed to escape the clutches of the questioning Kovnik and his suspicious Koldun wizard, partly through charm and deceit, and more importantly by not having a certain Dark Sorcerer with them (which was what the Koldun was there to find and defeat).
Oskar not only got his fond wish of shaking the hands of the Trollkin singer who had portrayed the eponymous King of Trolls, he also received the gift of his Iron and Steel Gauntlets, and perhaps more importantly his display of admiration for the performer so moved the Kovnik that the Trollkin would not be executed for treason unlike many of his colleagues.

We now return to the workshop that has been our home and hideout for almost two months, and the ship – which will have only a short time to travel somewhere before it’s Cloudia supply is expended…


den måde du kan for tæle det på thorsen er rektig god :)

Drama at the Theatre

Mange tak /rødme

Drama at the Theatre

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