The Woods of Obfuscation

The Woods of Obfuscation is a vast area of woods somewhat comparable to the Earth myth of the Bermuda Triangle.
The woods are sentient, it wants it occupants and wanderers to stay, for what purpose is unclear. Sometimes the woods lets it´s visitors go sometimes it does not, and wether elf, human, dwarf or hobbit none are seen again.
So what could happen in the Woods of Obfuscation?

One wandered into the woods, shortly after surrounded and lost amidst trees and leaves in a multitude of colours, distance and depth perception utterley askew.
Like someone having a good LSD trip or something like that, facinated by colors and forms of unnatural origin.

Another wandered for days, ended up hungry, beaten by weather and nature and being up for days, when he came to a vast green beautiful meadow somewhere within the woods. Greeting him was a multitude of human and elven women catering to his every need and every hunger both of nutritious kind and the hunger of the flesh.

You never know you will get in the Woods of Obfuscation until you wander into it, other than it´s catering to some perhaps unkown desire or need deep in your soul, doing whatever it can to keep you there until the very end.

There a no known native inhabitants of this area.

The Woods of Obfuscation

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