The Merback Witches Cottage in the Woods

This is a smallish wooden Cottage somewhere in the woods, which one specifically is not yet defined.
It is home to the Merback Covern, consisting of Kitty Merback, Laura Merback and Mandie Merback.

It´s seething with magic thoughout their home.
Internally it has the look of a cosy wooden home in the woods but it is much bigger than it seems from the outside.

The ground floor is a living room area, places to sit and lie are scattered around the place in some specific style, there´s a fireplace there, curtains on the windows and adornments on the walls.
There´s a kitchen with everything you´d need to make food in addition there´s a big cauldron to cook soups, sauces and stuff like that.

The basement is the Merback´s designated magic room, it´s one big room with tables, shelves on the wall and stuff like that filled with any kind of ingredient a magician needs, there are bookshelves and stuff around the walls.

There is another big cauldron specifically for magic use.

The first floor is filled with rooms, their private rooms, guest rooms, play rooms and a lot of other stuff.

Here is a few pictures of the witches together they do not fit under each character.






The Merback Witches Cottage in the Woods

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