The Ded Zone

The Dead Zone is a huge place and one of the few places that only has been partially mapped at best.
It is filled with ruins and caves and huge wrecks of ships that seem to be too big to fly in our clouds.

Scientists have not yet clarified how old the runes are, but one thing that everyone agrees on, is that they are from an unknown civilization that the world is not familiar with

Among the many mysteries in the dead zone is the question why the magic is dead in that region, and why is there no trace of magic in the earth or in the air. What makes the monsters that wanders about in the zone? not magically but most likely from nature itself. What do they eat? Other monsters and fools who are stupid enough to die into the God’s forsaken place? .. or something else? ..

So far, over 100 expeditions have entered the Dead Zone over the years from different breeds and fractions on a scale as large as armies and so far only 3 survivors has ever come back without losing their lives or their minds in this hell.

First among them being from the dwarf decent, which has been the
most successful yet (and most expensive) counting their losses at only loses 40% of the crew they started out with.

The trained guards with with the dwarf gene, went after one of the ancient ruined cities to look for artifatcs. They then explored the ruins for first time. And So far, only a few reports of deaths, but the reports are few and far between.

The Arstotzka who would expand their kingdoms borders over the 10 years while fighting though wars, they kept sending reinforcements to the expedition. But in the end they had to stop because of a strange creature who hit the expedition’s veteran and, they ended up suffering loss of just over 347,000 people.

The Ded Zone

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