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Continent of Auster
Places Factions Faces
Skyveil City Skyveil Merchants Guild
Skyveil Authorities Nesh Itesass
Skyshadow City
Ministry of the Winds Guild of Navigators
Seventowers Order Of Paladins
High Rule Wood Elves
Blueforest Village Mayor Klatt
King’s Watch Elven Embassy Elenor
The White Navy Counsel
The Dead Zone
Continent of Lymadina
Places Factions Faces
Shinterfel High Elves
The Old Oak Inn
Valascial Woods
The Crimson Mountains
The Forbidden Zone Worlds’ End
Continent of Novoscania
Places Factions Faces
The War-torn North Anatoray Mullin Shetland
Castle Octavian Octavian
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Places Factions Faces
Aquartica Aquartians
Island Traders
SAVIOUR Baron Von Badass
The Woods of Obfuscation
A Grove of Druid Healers
The Merback Witches Cottage in the Woods
Sirens of CloudSea

New stuff

Cloudia Cloudia-based technology
Hellatite Uses of Hellatite
Guns Steam Black powder
Red Powder Yellow Powder
Generator types for Power Steam Mana


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