Blueforest Village

On the very shores of the great green sea of trees that is High Rule, where the emerald waves lap against the golden fields tended by men, lies Blueforest village.

In this small community live all sorts of folk: Elves, Dwarves, Men, Slimefolk, and Magenta’s Dragon-blooded family. But as cosmopolitan as it is, this village is also quite humble. Its quiet idyll almost an enforced policy. The people who live here don’t want those who wield power to see nor hear them, for they are strong and men of power fear those who can oppose them.


  • Mayor Klatt – a wise and elderly slime
  • Rouge The Red Lightning – old hero and dragon slayer, Magenta’s grandfather.
  • Dick Saucer – retired celebrity monster slayer and idol singer, Magentas father
  • Mink – the original Half-dragon, Magentas mother
  • Pink – Magentas older, and nerdier, sister.


Blueforest Village

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