Tag: Human


  • Rodenia

    Rodania is a little kingdom compared to its neighbors but has allways been superior in technology since for resons that cant be explaint, no wizard or sorceress hav ben born ind the kingdom for the past 3000 years. Rodania hav ben at war wet its …

  • Captain Glaleksis

    Boren ind to a hig ranking meletary famaly is quckly ros ind rank becos of her exbsonary skils, if not for the habit of not bing poberly wer her sobodinats them she wot hab ben captain of the roail gars by now

  • Francis Bedlam

    Francis Bedlam is the king of the [[Arstotzka | Arstotzka]] under world and a mand that kips his words for all it is worth so if he sayes he wont you ded you better be looking back over you sholder for the rest of you life

  • Thaler

    Thaler is the local fence, or is he? It seems he rubs elbows with the rich and powerful as well as the underworld. What is his game?

  • Jacquelyne

    Roughy 8 years old or so, very powerful wizard for being so young very impulsive can be demaning "But I want! ..." just like any child can.

  • Moregen

    Moregen is a slender teenage girl noted for being attractive. She has dark straight her cut into a bob and long bangs that reach her chin, covering the right side of her face. On the outside, she is considered a cute, normal girl that one wouldn't …

  • Talia

    Born as a "Sky Oracle" / navigator . the genitic inherited powers lets the person "feel the skies" passed down though generations.

  • Vice Admiral Grotos

    born into a Royal family of marines military training since birth "the marines are family" "Protect no matter what" " a marine never gives up"

  • Captain Jack Swan

    Born in the outer part of the skyveil in a small pirate town mastered sword fighting at 15 got his first ship and crew at 20 made a name for himself at 35 looting and pillaging all around the skyveil

  • Gilbert Von Ferdinand

    Name: Gilbert Von Ferdinand Age: 24 Height: 185 Cm 83 Kg Hair color: White Eye color: Crimsom Red Chraracteristics: Albino Siblings: (twin sister) Julia Ferdinand, (younger brother) Ludwig Ferdinand Favorite food: Wurst, Potatos and BEER! Born: K …

  • Old Crazy Earl

    Earl have been around all over the world in his early days, and lost his right arm at a early age. against a giant shark with several heads, but got it replaced with a multi purpose arm with a hook and a pistol and a hand with only 4 fingers he also …

  • Dwain Gaston

    Navn : Dwain Gaston Alder : 29 Højde : 180 Vægt : 80 Hårfarve: lysebrunt Blod Type : O + Farvet Food : ? Bad habits: Smoking, Telling people how famous he's. Born ind [[King's Watch | King's Watch]] *Background: makanik prodigy.* Ham er …