Strange Seas - Stranger Lands

A Carriage ride of horrors
- high speed landship chase
Cleaning up the mess

The day starts off at the ruined embassy where some of the heroes rush out to gain the necessary medical attention. Then some authorities show up to arrest the intruders and WRONGFULLY commandeer the heroes precious Landship. Witch result in a bloody chase.. (Shots , stabs , mind invasions and several other crazy fighting related events)
and a very messy carriage returns to the embassy. Where the last of our heroes now seek medical attention.

The Adventure of the deeps
a Dark Dark hole...

descent into darkness..

The day starts off with a arrest of some of our heroes..
later on a meeting in a camp surrounding a huge dig site.
they are told about a missing exploration party that the local “law engforcement” order the heroes to investigate further.
as the squeaking old cart is lowered into the darkness the party starts to doubt weather is was such a good idea. They follow a path with un-lit torches , to a subterranean city .. and the path ends up in a small camp site with bullets, strange footprints and some dried blood. Exploring the underground city with huge stone houses they end up on a roof on one of the buildings.
the little dragon gets the impression that the pale figurs cocooned is trapped and tries to free them. And it turnes out freeing them wasn’t such a good idea.. because not only are the pale figurs unfriendly … they also start to attack the heroes.. minut by minut , wave after wave more and more pale figurs attack the heroes forcing them to jump to another roof.

investigating the city further they discover a room with a crystal in the middle. Touching the crystal reveal a “magical” map with many dots on it.
following the dots the heroes not only notice large spider webs between some of the buildings but they also see the largest building yet… so they off coarse enter. investigating the building reveal a trap guarded large laboratory with many strange technical/magic items.. and some large glass tanks. In one of the tanks they discover an old pale man trying to get out of a tank that he is locked in. The team gets Dwain on the case to solve the technical mystery to open the electrical/“magical” lock keeping the old man.
after freeing the old man he runs over to a control panel and starts typing something and then runes off, and narrowly escapes the heroes in pursuit after him.

following the stairs up to a room full of monitors the heroes run into a small Asian girl, who puts the meathead Oscar in his place after a very short fight. Clair explains the situation and shows the missing girl from the exploration party on a monitor , and further elaborates that the building is set to blow up in the next short while..

ignoring that advice and convincing Clair to help rescue the girl
the heroes run down to the room where the poor missing girl is starring into a mystical magical crystal.

a big fight breaks out between a dark necromancer/shadow mage , and his minions… the little dragon manages to RIP .. physically rip the darkness away from the girl. And the evil shadow necromancer gets absorbed into the lamp of the teams very own GOOD necromancer.

a sprint for survival ensued and the heroes rush out of the darkness and deliver the girl to the general and his men, and gets the “pirate charges” against them gets “looked the other way” .

A Night of Science and Goblin warfare
Did you remember to lock the front gate? ...

A curious Day..

the day began with the heroes following the caravan into the castle, in the castle they found a festive party afoot with lights and delightful food. They where then all announced accordingly and found the company they wanted to keep for the evening. The big event of the night was a reveal of a test-tube steroid looking man!!

soon after a sleazy servant tells the lord of the manor about a imminent goblin attack.

the goblin fight explodes in blood, guts and holes where holes are not meant to be..

the heroes ends up with exhaustion and a need for hospice care, and a courtyard filled with goblin corpses..

En Fornøjelses-Færd
Ombord på Den Drømmende Prinsesse

Historien starter med vores helte højt over verden i Himmelhavet, ombord på Den Drømmende Prinsesse – et glamourøst krydstogtsluftskib, med mange vigtige personligheder ombord.

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