Old Crazy Earl

Old seamingly senile priat

High Concept
Former Pirate king
A Tiny bit senile and crazy
_ friendly for now_
Is the Face of:
The gold Jolly Roger
it is all about the adventure
That reminds me about a funny story
captain Oscar whoever that is

Earl have been around all over the world in his early days, and lost his right arm at a early age. against a giant shark with several heads, but got it replaced with a multi purpose arm with a hook and a pistol and a hand with only 4 fingers

he also lost his right leg at some point, and he can drink liqueur that would kill a normal man

him and his old crew-mates of the golden jolly roger made sure that the underground tunnels were forgotten by the citizens of Lail by simply killing off all the other crews that knew about them.

Old Crazy Earl

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