Mandie Merback



Superb(+5) Conviction Discipline
Great(+4) Lore Deciet
Good(+3) Endurance Rapport
Fair(+2) Survival Presence
Average(+1) Performance Driving

Cap: Superb.
Skill Points: 30 / 30
Refresh: 7 / 9


  • Evocation[-3]
  • Thaumaturgy[-3]
  • The Sight[-1]
  • Soulgaze[-0]
  • Wizard´s Constitution[-0]

Focus Items:

  • “The Armor” Like Harry´s Duster same properties mostly.

A dress made from multi colored leaves, both of spring and summer and natural shades for this world which is unknown in our world.
It can be altered by will from “practical everyday use” to ballroom and stuff like that, it still always covers the same as it´s natural form, it´s just appearance that´s different.

  • “The Focus Items” Like Harry´s Blasting Rod/Wizard staff but for all magic not element specific.

If I translate it directly I would use Troll Branch but that´s apparently not correct.
I hope you know what I mean if not I´ll elaborate.
This item seemingly grows from the dress, to begin with it covers her hands and then it seems like they fuse together so they become part of her hands, the branches acting like fingers and nails.
All her magic is formed and focused at palms in the center between her palms and the fingers and this is where she releases it from, like shooting it out from her palm.
She can do this with both hands.

  • “The Shield” Like Harry´s Shield Bracelet.

Upon her head rests what mosts looks like a crown made from wooden brances, a bit like the focus items, brances crisscross so you have no idea where they begin and where they end, within this web of brances recides something that looks like crystals or rubies of undetermined origin, when this shield is activated she is surrounded by a sphere of light in the colors of her dress, it reflects physical attacks and magical attacks and like the Shield Bracelet it requires willpower and concentration to maintain, it can be broken and overloaded just like the Shield Bracelet can if it meets a force that is too great for it. When activated the stones or crystals or rubies whatever they are in the crown lights up.

Stress Tracks 1 2 3 4
Physical _ _ _ _
Mental _ _ _ _
Social _ _ _ X

Aspects under udarbejdelse


High Concept: Evocator of the Merback Covern

Trouble: _ _


Aspect The power of three will set us free

This says something about their mastery of Thaumaturgy when they are together creating their magic. Their background is their discovery of their magic.

Rising Conflict:

Aspect Mother of Vampires

I tried to be good, if I dident´care so much for Octavian I woulden´t have done what I did, he broke my heart when he cheated on me and so I turned him into the monster that I saw him as with the help of my sisters, and then the first Vampire walked this world.

The Story: .

Aspect _ _

Guest Star:

Aspect _ _

Guest Star Redux:

Aspect _ _

Mandie Merback

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