Laura Merback


Aspects under udvikling


Superb(+5) Lore Discipline
Great(+4) Conviction Deciet
Good(+3) Endurance Rapport
Fair(+2) Survival Presence
Average(+1) Performance Driving

Cap: Superb.
Skill Points: 30 / 30
Refresh: 7 / 9


  • Evocation[-3]
  • Thaumaturgy[-3]
  • The Sight[-1]
  • Soulgaze[-0]
  • Wizard´s Constitution[-0]
Stress Tracks 1 2 3 4
Physical _ _ _ _
Mental _ _ _ _
Social _ _ X X


High Concept: Potion Mistress of the Merback Covern

Trouble: _ _


Aspect The power of three will set us free

This says something about their mastery of Thaumaturgy when they are together creating their magic. Their background is their discovery of their magic.

Rising Conflict:

Aspect My husband Howard is always with me in spirit literally

My husband of many years himself a powerful and very knowledgable wizard is always with me, he died unfortunately an unfourseen death, but his spirit remains, housed in his skull covered in magic symbols to let it house his spirit within. Now he assists me with magical knowledge and helps me create any kind of potion I can think of, my own knowledge is vast but together we can do so much more.

The Story: .

Aspect _ _

Guest Star:

Aspect _ _

Guest Star Redux:

Aspect _ _

Laura Merback

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