Kitty Merback



Superb(+5) Lore Discipline
Great(+4) Conviction Deciet
Good(+3) Endurance Rapport
Fair(+2) Survival Presence
Average(+1) Performance Driving

Cap: Superb.
Skill Points: 30 / 30
Refresh: 7 / 9


  • Evocation[-3]
  • Thaumaturgy[-3]
  • The Sight[-1]
  • Soulgaze[-0]
  • Wizard´s Constitution[-0]
Stress Tracks 1 2 3 4
Physical _ _ _ _
Mental _ _ X X
Social _ _ X X

Aspects under udvikling


High Concept: Enchanter of the Merback Covern

Trouble: _ _


Aspect The power of three will set us free
This says something about their mastery of Thaumaturgy when they are together creating their magic. Their background is their discovery of their magic.

Rising Conflict:

Aspect Purrtector of the Furry Felines
I love all felines especially the 3 furballs all black as night who lives in the Merback household with it´s caretakers.
I will do much to protect my furry friends and those I meets on my way. I love all animals mostly.
I have in deep secret killed more than a few animal abusers over the years by magic, when I found evidence of abuse of a cat, and sadly I was not able to intervine directly to protect my furry friends.

The Story: .

Aspect Inherited Magical Butcher Blade

I inherited a magical Butcher blade from my father, I use it in rituals and in my magic. I have had it for many years and it´s a very dear heirloom to me reminding me of my father.
One day as all tree of us were out of our house it was broken into and items were stolen from us, including my blade.
We found black hairs and tracked the thief using our magic.
We went out all tree of us to get my blade back, Mandie being the battle witch it seemed a very reasonable to bring her along.
After tracking for a span of hours we came to the Crimson Mountains and within we found the crazy dwarf Narvi Onyxarm.
We fought him for a while, that dwarf and his inventions are very disturbing, but eventually we won and I got my Blade back. He is still alive, left to his own devices in the Crimson Mountains, but I made sure to have a fair few locks of his hair in case he steals from us again.

Guest Star:

Aspect _ _

Guest Star Redux:

Aspect _ _

Kitty Merback

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