Hero Of Time

High Concept Wielder of the Sword Of Time
Trouble The wrong place at the wrong time
Trained by master Orca
What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
YARR – Pirate life for me!
Elvish Pride
Learning a new world
8 Total Refresh Total Skill Points 25
-4 Refresh spent Skill points spent 25
4 Current Refresh Current Skill Points 0
3 Current Fate Points:
+4 Weapons Athlethics
+3 Bows Endurance
+2 Alertness Investigation Stealth
+1 Conviction Discipline Might Lore Survival
Initiative 2
Languages Spoken Sky sea Elvish
-1 Quick Draw +1 to tests involving speed of draw, no penalty to draw weapon as a supplemental action
-1 HIYA! First sword attack of scene gets +1 and inflicts 2 extra stress.
-1 The Sword Of Time (Item Of Power) Unbreakable, Weapon 3
Gains more powers as you collect Crests
-1 The Crest of Love Limit break!, If you or an ally suffers a moderate or worse consequence, immediately make a weapon 2 attack against all adjacent enemies.
Stress track 1 2 3 4
Armour: 2
Consequences Value description Healing?
Mild 2
Moderate 4 Mentally bruised Ja
Severe 6
Extreme 8
skill Weapon Weapon rating Ammo
Fist Fists 0
Bows Short Bow 2 1
Weapons The Sword of Time 3
Elven Mail (Armor 1)
Warrior’s Shield (Armor +1)
Short Bow W2
The Sword of Time W3

Background – Outset Island

Grew up on the Outset Island, together with his sister “Aryll”, and have been trained everyday by master Orca in sword-fighting and basic survival Home Schooled by grandma, not many friends, most of them where mean.
so Corren ended up in quite a few beach scraps.

Rising Conflicts – Abandoned on a time isle

Surviving on his own , living with time ripples (slow,fast,blinking,backwards). Swearing to make master Orca proud. never giving up!

The Story

Pirates come to shore and let Correon join their crew “Thunder Strike Pirates” (TSP), and embark on a epic adventure. Traveling the wast air sea finding treasure and trouble alike. A few months into the adventure the TSP find an old island isolated in a jungle-like environment. Further into the jungle Correon notices Mayan structures and the wind sighing in the trees… the group continues down under the structures to find an elaborate tunnel system. Strange shapes lurks in the shadows and correon draws his sword! , after turning a corner he finds that the darkness has separated him from the group but he continues on as master Orca would have said “Darkness is only a threat , if you let it”. At the end of the hall Correon findes a massive burial chamber with jewels gold pieces and other valuables decorated on the mos covered stones containing 1000 years old family remains. As soon as Correon enters the chamber a heavy stone slab falls down blocking the exit, and a pale shape rises up from the middle of the chamber and slowly walks toward him…. but before the pale shape reaches him a sudden weight hits correon on his head with a vague sound and then a OMF .. after the spinning stars goes away correon now see’s that the burial chamber is empty and vocies from the TSP are drifting toward him from the other side of the chamber.
before correon exit to tell his friends about the treasure he notices a small hole i the ceiling directly above him where the sudden weight must have come from.
the pirates grab the loot and heads for the nearest harbor to partake in both women and booze.

Guest Starring in Oz’s Story

Traveling with the “thunder strike pirates” Correon stumbles on the island LIT .
on LIT Correon sees a white haired man kneeling , looking like his praying or meditating or a bit of both… the pirates being pirates wanted to rob the white haired man to see if he had any valuables. But Correon thinking that the white haired man was a hopeless monk, drew his sword and settled the matter with a friendly duel with one of his crew mates…

Guest Starring again in Finwës Story

A bow wearing elf shows up on Outset Isle. Finwe Decided to train Corren, teaching the him the way of the bow.


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