Dwaisn Left hand Bot

High Concept
Dwain Left hand Bot
made by Dwain Gaston
Sidekick Physical
Aide Social
Assistant Mental/Knowledge
Skills: Partner using his skills
+3 Good combat, Social & Mental/Knowledge Skills Guns Atletiks Intimadation
Wepon Wepondameg
Fists: 0
Arm Canons 2
Lieutenant Companion Companions are characters who are a little more important than minions
but are not quite full-fledged named characters in their own right. They are
attached to named characters in the same way minion groups are, and grant
a +1 in appropriate conflicts due to group size. Companions do not have
stress boxes, like minions do; instead, they give the character the ability to
withstand an additional consequence – specifically, the consequence that
the Companion is taken out, kidnapped, or otherwise removed from the
Upgrads 6
(-3) Skilled X1 The companion may buy skills of her own. If attached, the
companion may use these skills on behalf of her partner, instead of
the partner using his skill at his rating. If the companion has also
taken the Independent advance (above), the Skilled advance the
companion can also use these skills when not attached. One advance
can buy one skill at the companion’s quality, two skills at quality -1, or
three skills at quality -2. The Skilled advance can be bought multiple
times, but a different skill or set of skills must be chosen each time.
(-3Free) Quality X3 Improve the quality of a companion by one step (from
Average to Fair, Fair to Good, and so on). This advance may be taken
several times up to the companion’s maximum quality, one step lower
than that of her partner. (PCs usually top out at Superb, so the most
one of their companions could be is Great.)
(-1Free) Independent The companion is able to act independently of her
partner, allowing the character to send the companion off to perform
tasks. An independent companion is treated as a minion if she’s
caught out on her own (quality in this case indicates her capacity
for stress), and is not useful for much unless she’s also skilled (see
(-1) Keeping up If the companion’s patron has a means of locomotion or
stealth that makes it hard for the companion to keep up with him,
then the companion with this advance has a similar ability, but it is
useful only for keeping up with her patron when attached, and for no
other purpose.
(-2) Scope Social and Mental Improve the scope of a companion, allowing them to assist in an additional type of conflict (e.g., Physical and Mental, Physical and
Social, Social and Mental). This may be taken twice, allowing the
companion to be effective in all three scopes.

Clokworth is made by Dwain Gaston wich wos posebul wet the cortex core, of drawf desine and oregens. and wet the koleg of mecks from the Kingdom of lail

Clokworth wos bildt not for a spifik task but rater of sinestikes curetisy.
what wil he end up becoming

Clokworth wil most likly be Dwain Gaston longes runing projekt


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