Strange Seas - Stranger Lands

Trouble at the dockyard

Last time we saw our brave heroes, they had triumfen over the bounty hunter and here mechs, but soon where to fight a more dangerous foe. Oskar got possessed by a spirit that Oz wanted to help but did’t want to do what it asked of him since the flesh suit it had stolen wasn’t its own,

so it first tried to poses the bounty-hunter.. that attempt failed thanks to our hero of time… then the spirit set it’s sight on poor simple minded Oskar…

Our group also made a new friend, a young man Gilbert Ferdinand who Magenta saved from falling out of an airship.

Oz was fighting with the angry spirit, . Meanwhile Dwain still trying to fix one of the mechs that the bounty-hunter brought with her and demonstrating his social skills by telling Gilbert to keep helping him and not worry about the others.

But Gilbert decided to see what was up with those strange sounds that came from the hole in the warehouse wall, only to see Oskar getting possessed, and start attacking Oz. Gilbert made his way to the bounty-hunter, who was trying to get away from the fight by slowly dragging herself away. Gilbert made a deal with her, that included her helping restrain Oskar, and thereafter she would then be free to go.



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