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Bugs And Sand
Caught in a sandy tomb

After befriending the “tribe” of people on the edge of the dead zone , a quest presented itself for our heroes. They where to travel to “the belly of the beast” a sandy cave to ‘by any means’ diplomatic or otherwise convince the inhabitants of the desert to come to an agreement on this matter of who should rightfully own the right to mine materials or live in the mine.

The heroes took a left turn on the negotiations and abandoned the quest and instead bargained for their own lives and freedom securing a way out of the desert den.. and back into the light.

After some shady dealings with the queen the heroes now have ample opportunity to travel again being re-fuel by the strange cloudia potent crystals from the deeps. The heroes now set a new course for new adventures.

Sådan ser de nye oplevelser ud
Jeres Bugrom Værter/Vagter & et par andre ting

Paladset i udkanten af den Dødbringende Jungle


Det flyvende skib I lånte


(bare lad som om det er sand istedet for vand nedenunder)

Katsuhiro Jinnai

Supreme Warlord of the Bugrom Empire

Roshtaria’s Betvinger; Ørkenstormen; Den Uovervindelige


Kriger Bugrom


Arbejder Bugrom


Kæmpe Bugrom


Spejder Bugrom


Drama at the Theatre
Twillight for The King of Trolls

Revived after capture the Satyxis Lixa revealed that she knew where a supply of Cloudia might be acquired: at the very theatrical premiere that they intended to attend “The King of Trolls”. Sadly no-one questioned her as to how the precious substance might be found in so unlikely and improbably convenient a place.

However after much enjoying the first act of the spectacular Operatto, the Hero of Time spotted across the theatre, in another luxury box seat, the master swordsman who had bested him in a recent tournament. Added to that, he recalled that the Prize at that tournament had been a large vial of glowing purplish-pink liquid: Cloudia!!
Alerted to this fact, MacLaw & Dwain approached the drunken swordsmaster during the first intermission, persuading him that the glow of the liquid was disturbing the performers and promising to keep the Trinket in a place where it would cause no trouble for the remainder of the play.

The triumphant conclusion of the final act was however marred by the sudden arrival of armed soldiers, and a Kovnik by the name Ivon Chekovic, who declared the play sedition and an insult to the Empire and Grand Empress Ayn Vanar herself especially. He demanded that all attendees as well as performers must be questioned and identified before they were allowed to leave (if indeed they were not arrested). Oskar was of course heart-broken as the play had left him deeply impressed and moved, despite not understanding a word spoken or sung throughout, and the prospect of not being allowed to meet his new idol The King of Trolls (even if it was only his actor and singer there) was simply unbearable.

Our heroes narrowly managed to escape the clutches of the questioning Kovnik and his suspicious Koldun wizard, partly through charm and deceit, and more importantly by not having a certain Dark Sorcerer with them (which was what the Koldun was there to find and defeat).
Oskar not only got his fond wish of shaking the hands of the Trollkin singer who had portrayed the eponymous King of Trolls, he also received the gift of his Iron and Steel Gauntlets, and perhaps more importantly his display of admiration for the performer so moved the Kovnik that the Trollkin would not be executed for treason unlike many of his colleagues.

We now return to the workshop that has been our home and hideout for almost two months, and the ship – which will have only a short time to travel somewhere before it’s Cloudia supply is expended…

Dwain Rescue mission Part 2
a Warehouse slaughter

Warehouse slaughter

Last time we saw our heroes, they had finished clearing all the traps in the mansion and found a hit order on Dwain and a prototype compass that Dwain invented.

It was early in the morning and Oz, Corrion wanted to go look for Dwain down at the train station since they found his part of the workshop in disarray. And it looked like a crime had happend, but as they looked outside the building they saw a couple of street guards. But they still took the front door anyway. Meanwhile Magenta had flown up in the sky to spot where they had gone to. (but only told Oz and Corrion) Meanwhile Gilbert had made a disguise to Oskar and created The Pillow man.

Corrion followed Oz through the front door who had just been recognized by one of the guards. Shortly after the guard had alarmed the other guards in the area and they where coming closer, Oz and Corrion tried to make their escape, meanwhile PILLOWMAN (Oscar) and Gilbert took advantage of the commotion that Oz and Corrion had started and walked the other way to look for some food.

After Oz and Corrion escaped the guards, with the help of Magenta’s fiery personality they where then on their way to where they though Dwain were being held, but stopped someplace to get some food while magenta were off scavenging the city for any type of food (dumpster diving, and fighting ally cats ((and eating them)) ) .

After Oskar and Gilbert had eaten some breakfast they went back to the workshop and were greeted by a girl who introduced herself as MoregenMoregen.

Moregen had a conversation with Gilbert, until Oskar began to intimidate her and she quickly retreated. Oskar and Gilbert then when down to the address that were written on the hit order.

Oz, Corrion and Magenta had arrived at the warehouse that Dwain where supposed to be held capture. Oz used his magic to locate Dwain in the warehouse, and told Magenta, and Corrion where he was held. Magenta wasted no time punching a hole in the wall to gain access, once inside Magenta went for Dwain in one of the office rooms, mean-while Oz and Corrion overheard some of the people talk about how the cargo had been handed and where the rest of the order were. One of the 2 main people that were talking was a woman with a glove with a skull on it. There was also a snake woman hiding under a cloak. Not long after Gilbert and Oskar arrived at the warehouse front door, they started disposing of the band of criminals. The woman with the skull cloves escaped and the snake woman headed over to a giant war-bot and activated it.

In the middle of the fight between Oz and the snake woman, Moregen appeared and ripped the snake woman’s heart out instantly killing her, and then aimed to take Oz’s soul lantern. But Oz managed to avoid her and make his escape to here Oskar was. After Oz had fled the battle, Moregen disappeared failing to steal the lantern from Oz. Meanwhile Corrion and Gilbert where fighting the war-bot and had damaged its ability to move, Magenta had rescued Dwain and taken him to a safe place, she then flew up in the sky and hauled down towards the war-bot and manage to take it out with a mighty strike.

Until next time.

Trouble at the dockyard

Last time we saw our brave heroes, they had triumfen over the bounty hunter and here mechs, but soon where to fight a more dangerous foe. Oskar got possessed by a spirit that Oz wanted to help but did’t want to do what it asked of him since the flesh suit it had stolen wasn’t its own,

so it first tried to poses the bounty-hunter.. that attempt failed thanks to our hero of time… then the spirit set it’s sight on poor simple minded Oskar…

Our group also made a new friend, a young man Gilbert Ferdinand who Magenta saved from falling out of an airship.

Oz was fighting with the angry spirit, . Meanwhile Dwain still trying to fix one of the mechs that the bounty-hunter brought with her and demonstrating his social skills by telling Gilbert to keep helping him and not worry about the others.

But Gilbert decided to see what was up with those strange sounds that came from the hole in the warehouse wall, only to see Oskar getting possessed, and start attacking Oz. Gilbert made his way to the bounty-hunter, who was trying to get away from the fight by slowly dragging herself away. Gilbert made a deal with her, that included her helping restrain Oskar, and thereafter she would then be free to go.

A Carriage ride of horrors
- high speed landship chase
Cleaning up the mess

The day starts off at the ruined embassy where some of the heroes rush out to gain the necessary medical attention. Then some authorities show up to arrest the intruders and WRONGFULLY commandeer the heroes precious Landship. Witch result in a bloody chase.. (Shots , stabs , mind invasions and several other crazy fighting related events)
and a very messy carriage returns to the embassy. Where the last of our heroes now seek medical attention.


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